Since the very beginning , we have strived to provide not only the best in products and services not locally available, but to foster an environment where people with different beliefs can meet to share their ideas with the rest of the local Spiritual community. 

As we now embark on our 7th year in business ..

We are sure that with your continued support we will continue to provide products & services to the spiritual community by carrying a little bit of everything for the MIND, BODY AND SOUL.

Our list of products


-Esoteric and practical books

-Handmade Jewelry

-Herbs (for ritual and medicinal uses)

-Incense (stick, Powdered and Resin)

-Ink and Parchments


-Oracle Cards 


-Ritual supplies for a number of spiritual paths.. Such as Wicca, Druid, Hindu, Santeria, Christian, Buddhist,Eclectic... -Rune Stones


-Smudge fans


-Stones and Crystals

-Tarot Cards 

and too many other items to mention