Welcome to Our Website;

We are a Metaphysical Shop located in Downtown Westmont Illinois

We carry all sorts of items for almost every spiritual path...Wicca, Druid, Hindu, Santeria, Palo,

Christian, Buddhist, Eclectic.....

We also have Handmade Jewelry, Stones and Crystals, Statuary, Journals , Ink and Parchments,
Quills, Smudge fans, Smudges. Herbs (for ritual and medicinal uses) Incense (stick, Powdered and Resin),

Prepared spells, Prepared candles , Essential oils and mixes.


We have a nice selection of esoteric and practical books on a variety of

subjects ...for the Beginner to the advanced.

 We carry also Tarot Cards,  Rune Stones & Oracle Cards , scrying mirrors, scrying bowls,

Talking boards, Dowsing rods...all sorts of tools for divination.

We offer Spiritual Counseling and one on one workshops on a variety of Subject.

So if you're looking to curse someone or to cast a spell to make a zombie...

We are not the place for you...

For everything else come on by...